In 2005, SHAWCO students and staff refocused the then “Youth Development” sector into a new Education Sector. This sector aimed to create an integrated model of intervention that linked after-school tutoring projects with the work happening at SHAWCO’s Community Development Centres. Since 2005 the Education Sector has evolved into a holistic host of activities aimed at:


- creating a safe learning space and encouraging a love of learning in our participants

- equipping participants with life-long skills and improving their access to further education

- broadening the experiences and perspectives of both the volunteers and participants


Education projects aim to impact the academic ability of learners to access education, increase tertiary access as well as offer additional interventions such as arts, sports, entrepreneurship, life skills and career advice. The overall holistic development of learners is also balanced by the experience, development and leadership opportunity of the students who volunteer and become leaders in the sector.

Today SHAWCO has 14 student-run projects operating from the five SHAWCO centres in Khayelitsha, Kensington, Manenberg and Nyanga as well as from partner schools in the Nyanga and Mitchells Plein communities. Volunteers are transported to and from the centres where they engage with learners through a structured curriculum. Foundation phase and junior projects focus on literacy and numeracy whereas intermediate and senior projects focus on English, Maths, Physical Science, Accounting and Life Skills.

After many years of community development and involvement in the broader dialogue and discussion of UCT’s role in community outreach and development, the sector bases its solid project intervention on continuous, sustainable, and consistent project sessions and a complex internal and external evaluation process. Since 2005 the sector has developed a participatory, reflective process of evaluation that drives it forward to greater efficacy.”