Foundation (Gr. R-3)

Foundation projects all aim to create a love of literacy through holistic and interactive fun activities. These projects need volunteers who are fun-loving and enjoy interacting with little children between the ages of six and nine years old.

  • Little Moon
    Based in Nyanga, this project uses song, fun games and storytelling to make literacy come alive for the junior grades at Walter Teka Primary School. The bi-lingual lessons focus on inspiring a love for literacy and learning across language barriers. Non –Xhosa speakers are welcome.
  • Little Step
     This is a small project going out only once a week.  Educational games (active and mental) include art, music and reading in addition to a focus on numbers.
  • Little Star
    Little Star is based at Manenberg Primary and combines mathematics and literacy in stimulating, holistic and engaging lessons aiming to provide the children with the best possible foundation to take on the more serious years of school.

Junior (Gr. 4-7)

Junior projects aim to create a love of literacy and numeracy. The children vary between the ages of nine to thirteen years old. Although the focus is mainly academic, there is a strong holistic approach with its wide spectrum curriculum which includes environmental and social topics. Creative learning is a main intention.

  • KenSTEP
    KenSTEP runs in the Kensington community. It has a curriculum filled with fun and interactive literacy and numeracy lessons.
  • Sitsaba
    Sitsaba links with Little Moon in that they both focus on the love for reading. The main difference between these projects is that the age groups vary slightly. Both Little Moon and Sitsaba are based at the Walter Teka Primary School in Nyanga. Sitsaba focuses on mathematics,english in addition to art, drama and sport.
  • Step
    This project is one of the oldest SHAWCO Education projects. It runs in Khayelitsha. It is one of the few projects that run on a Saturday morning as well as during the week and teaches both Numeracy and Literacy.
  • Star
    Star, like Little Star, is also based in Manenberg. It provides an academic supplement to the National curriculum with the aid of computers and educational software. It also aims to improve literacy with a focus on the SHINE reading model. There are micro projects such as sport, art and gardening.
  • Masizame
    Masizame is the only project based in Houtbay, working with Grade 5 and 6’s.  The aim is to provide additional education assistance to students from homes in the area. It is also one of the few projects that run in the late afternoon/evening.

Intermediate (Gr. 8-9)

The transition from child to young adult. These projects deal with not only academic topics but typical teen problems such as identity and career guidance, sex education , school subject choices, relationships and family situations as well as difficult topics like domestic violence, gangsterism, and substance abuse.

  • KenSO
    KenSO is a project that runs in Kensington. This project focuses on mathematics, english and life skills. The main aim is to provide learning support for children in the Kensington area.
  • Stepping Out
    Stepping Out (SO) has an interactive curriculum which covers the same topics as KenSO, although lessons are tailored to be significant and relevant to the Khayelitsha area. The project aims to uplift impoverished communities through educational interventions.

Senior (Gr. 10-11)

Senior projects are academically focused. The projects follow the municipal curriculum set by the government for the Western Cape district. In addition to this, each senior project hosts its own development project which aims to equip the learners with necessary skills to fully utalise opportunities around them as they take the final steps of high school.

  • KenSMART
    KenSMART provides academic tutoring for Grade 10 and 11’s in pure mathematics, physical science and accounting as well as a multimedia self-directed learning programme called Tipping Point. The academic tutoring assists learners in the transition to tertiary education while Tipping Point aims to broaden horizons on environmental, cultural and political topics by giving learners access to the internet, film/documentary screenings and printed media.
  • Smart
    The SHAWCO Student Mentored All Round Tutoring (SMART) provides Grade 10 and 11 learners with a safe learning environment to improve their marks and ultimately get into a tertiary institution. It aims to achieve this with a combination of academic tutoring in pure mathematics, physical science and accounting as well as a Smart-Talk Sessions held on a Saturday. These talks are student –driven and cover topics not included in the school’s curriculum.  The project also encourages mentoring relationships to develop between the Khayelitsha learners and the student volunteers from the University of Cape Town.
    Works directly with schools to provide legal awareness and knowledge of our rights according to South African law.