Medical Elective Programmes

SHAWCO hosts a number of medical students who together with the local SHAWCO student volunteers, continue to bring basic health care to areas of the Cape Metropole.  SHAWCO busses and mobile clinics leave the medical campus at the University of Cape Town every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening at 18h00 and travel into various communities to run extra health services.  On Thursday and Friday mornings a paediatric clinic is also run. Students are provided with a series of lectures to help them understand the South African health system.  Each clinic is overseen by a local doctor and a registered dispensing nurse is also part of the team.

Partnering Universities who participate in SHAWCO Service Learning Projects:

  • Mobile Meds – Norway

Service Learning

Our Service Learning Programmes has an equal balance of academics, service learning in the communities as well as experiencing Cape Town and South Africa at its best.  Academics are aligned to our partner universities requirements. Through SHAWCO’s tailor made Service Learning programme, students from abroad will have the opportunity to engage with locals in their home communities.  Students will also be able to visit some of Cape Town’s most beautiful sites such as Table Mountain, Robben Island, Cape Point and the Winelands to name a few.  During the first half of the program students attend classes which are held at University of Cape Town, and in the afternoon, they will be running IT training sessions with unemployed youth in their communities.  For the second half of the programme students attend classes in the morning and in the afternoon, they will run fun filled holiday programmes with local children.

Each group has the undivided attention of a SHAWCO Staff member, the exclusive use of a vehicle and driver as well as the friendship and guidance of local students from UCT who live and work with them during their stay and help to make their transition into their new surroundings easy and comfortable.

Partnering Universities who participate in SHAWCO Service Learning Projects:

  • College of William and Mary – USA
  • Vanderbilt University – USA
  • Arcadia University – USA
  • Grand Valley State University – USA

Social Entrepreneurship Programmes

The world is just beginning to recognise and value the role of the ‘social entrepreneur’.  Social Entrepreneurs are being recognised in many parts of the world for the work they do in alleviating poverty and finding unique solutions to social issues faced by the world.  Social entrepreneurs work in non profit organisations, as well as public and private sector entities. The modern manager in any of these settings is being called upon, not only to derive maximum efficiency and maximum profit (in the case of the private sector) but also to satisfy the triple bottom line: social responsibility; environmental consciousness; and financial sustainability. 

The next generation of managers should be able to take decisions and be responsible for all of the above. She/he should also be able to identify and develop products, services and marketing strategies that can alleviate the problems that the world is facing, and build in strategies that address problems that the nation state has been striving to find solutions for. For the large number of poor people in the world, for the world that is driven by profit, for a world that has been using up natural resources, for a world that had depended on the nation state to find solutions, will the notion of social entrepreneurship be the answer?

Young people need to be provided with relevant information about major global and local issues so that they are inspired to engage. Social entrepreneurship provides the strategies and mechanisms that empower individuals to take decisions and implement major changes.

Students enrolling in the Social Entrepreneurship programmes will attend classes covering topics such as:

  • History of development.
    • What is the role of each of the economic sectors in eradicating poverty?
    • Bottom of the pyramid economics.
    • What is social entrepreneurship, social business and globally responsible citizenship?
    • What is the role of the manager in modern business? Is it only the generation of profit?
    • What are social profit organisations and what do they do?
    • What are practical ways to implement multi-stream fundraising strategies?
    • Ethics and practicalities of social entrepreneurship.

Students will also be required to participate as an intern in a local social enterprise during the duration of the programme. (Please see above for information on the Internships.)

Partnering Universities who participate in SHAWCO Social Entrepreneurship Programmes:

  • Oslo University - Norway
  • Bucknell University – USA