Rags 2 Riches

Rags2Riches is a social enterprise initiated in 2008.  In 2011 SHAWCO opened its first clothing retail outlet in Main Road, Mowbray. This initiative came about in order to generate an income to contribute towards SHAWCO’s sustainability. In 2013 a community outlet was opened in Kensington in SHAWCO's oldest community centre.


Rags2Riches recycles quality used clothing and sells the clothing at affordable prices.  SHAWCO places containers in student residences, faculty buildings and offices at the University of Cape Town.  Students and staff fill the containers with any clothing they no longer need.  Containers are also placed at various Corporate offices and local schools.  SHAWCO collects the donated items from the containers on set dates.


These clothing items are then sold from our Rags2Riches shops and in wholesale to ladies from developing communities, who in return re-sell these items in their communities for their own income generation.


The income generated is used to sustain SHAWCO’s Education Projects.


If you would like to donate your used clothing please contact Edith van der Rheede or alternatively make use of our collection bins


Pick 'n Pay, St Peters Square, Observatory

Howard Centre, Pinelands

Dell Computers (Regus), Mowbray

Dell Computers (Regus), CTICC, Cape Town

Herschel School, Claremont 

Medical Residence, Medical Campus

Rochester House, Salt River

Kopano Residence, Middle Campus

Graca Machel Hall, Middle Campus - don't have a bin, but they store clothing in a spare room

Leo Macquard Hall, Middle Campus

Tugwell, Middle Campus

Woolsack, Middle Campus

Kramar Building, Middle Campus

IAPO, Middle Campus

Bremner Building, Middle Campus

Fuller, Upper Campus

SHAWCO Student Office, Upper Campus

Stanford University, Observatory

UCT ICTS, Mowbray

Forest Hill - don't have a bin, but they store clothing in a garage

Liesbeek Gardens - don't have a bin, but they store clothing in a garage



Mowbray Outlet:

Shop 3


93 Main Road


Tel: 021 650 5431


Kensington Outlet:

155 12th Avenue


Tel: 021 593 2170


Email:  edith.vanderrheede@uct.ac.za