A professionally run initiative aimed at providing learners with an opportunity to improve their academic results through a quality teaching experience



To become a reputable school of excellence that offers quality teaching in core academic areas to enhance learners’ academic potential. The social entrepreneurship initiative is geared to sustain the SHAWCO Saturday School for learners’ from disadvantaged communities in the Western Cape Region.


Description (SHAWCO SHINE)

SHAWCO Academic Interventions is a professionally run initiative aimed at providing learners with an opportunity to improve their academic results through a quality teaching experience in small intimate classes with an effective curriculum in alignment with the Western Cape Education Department.

Since its inception in 2009, the programme has grown to include three separate projects all with a common goal of becoming a renowned school of excellence in core academic areas such as Mathematics, Physical Science, Accounting and English.

Maintaining high standards, recruiting the best teachers, access to UCT laboratories to conduct experiments, providing career guidance and life-skills workshops brought about immense improvement in the marks of the students that parents and the teachers in their schools greatly appreciated. Lessons are taught by highly qualified, experienced and committed educators who have produced excellent results over the past years. SHAWCO started the program to give participating learners access to UCT resources and facilities that would build the learners intellectually, socially and culturally in order to better prepare them for tertiary studies. Learners in each grade are streamed and grouped according to their Mathematics school results for June and Final exams

Learners must register for Pure Mathematics and one or two of the other three subjects (Physical Science, Accounting and English Home Language). The Program aims to strengthen learners' abilities in core academic areas. The program provides learners with  opportunities to acquire skills and experiences in preparation for tertiary studies, and develop a sense of confidence and belief in their abilities.


Programme Concept

•           Lessons take place on Saturdays at UCT Upper Campus

•           Subjects offered: Mathematics, Physical Science, Life Sciences, Accounting and English Home Language

•           Life Science is available for Grade 12 only

•           Lessons are taught by highly qualified educators

•           A learner must take a minimum of two and a maximum of three subjects of which Mathematics is compulsory

•           Maximum 20 learners per class

•           Learners must wear school uniform

•           Learners must utilize own transport to and from classes

•           Classes offered for Grade 10, 11 and 12 however learners must currently be in school and / or be 21 years and younger.


Duration of teaching: 09:00 to 14:20       1 ½ hours per lesson

Duration of programme: February to October annually



Registration Fee:  500.00         Accepted learners only

Workbook Fee:     R375.00       Per semester


3 Subjects  -  R330.00      4 hours 30 minutes of teaching per Saturday

2 Subjects  -  R300.00      3 hours of teaching per Saturday